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Guided hikes and treks in the Scottish Highlands

Take a walk on the wild side

Hey, I'm Hollie! Join me and my wolfdog Chinook on a hike to experience the less 'touristy' side of Scotland. Operating from Inverness, the Highland capital, we'd be thrilled to take you'off the beaten path' for one of our favourite hikes.

Why hike with us?

Small Groups

Three is a crowd... and it's a big enough crowd for us! We only take a maximum of three hikers on any one adventure at a time (allowances made for larger family groups), to ensure a safer and more tailored experience for everyone. After all, we go to the wilderness to escape society right?

Hidden Gem Destinations

Our hiking and trekking adventures do not include 'touristy' hot spots. Chinook and I have made a heroic effort in discovering some really amazing places of natural beauty, tucked away in remote corners of the Highlands.


We can show you to places that some of the locals don't even know about.

Photography Included

If you don't think photos are important, wait until they are all you have.

Photography is another passion of mine, so as an added extra, I will happily take snaps throughout the day for you, so you can concentrate on having fun. After the trek, you will receive access to a private folder on Google Drive with a photo library from your adventure.

Let's get high!


Ask Anything

...but I reserve the right not to answer if it's weird or inappropriate.

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