My favourite plant-based hiking snacks (and a couple drinks too)… you don't end your hikes like this.

Don’t panic, you can eat these if you’re an adventure-driven omnivore too, I promise…

Dried fruit

Dried fruit in general is an excellent hiking snack. Whoever looked at grapes and thought: ‘Dry that s*** in the sun so it’s lighter and keeps longer!’ was a genius. My personal favourite is dried apricots, but banana chips, raisins, fruit leathers, dried cranberries, coconut chips, etc. are all excellent sources of quick and easy sugar (energy) supply to help power you through your expeditions.

Peanut butter, banana and honey rolls

I like to make these bad boys for a heartier snack. Bonus points is how nostalgic I get thinking about all the times I was given these as a kiddo out hiking with the paternal unit – it was also a dad fave. Super simple, I just spread 100% nuts (like me!) peanut butter on a wholemeal roll and drizzle some honey on top. Protein, carbs and sugar all in one delightful package!

Salt and vinegar chickpeas

Confession time, I don’t make these myself (because life is short) but I am OBSESSED with Asda’s Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas. They’re referred to as ‘sharing snacks’ but, agree to disagree on that one Asda. I like to keep these in the waist pocket of my hiking back and munch throughout the day. Not only are you getting a decent protein hit from the chickpeas themselves, there is some evidence to suggest that vinegar helps stabilize blood sugar levels and salt is known to regulate fluid levels in your body; low sodium levels can cause dehydration and muscles cramps – which is excellent news for those of us who prefer savoury over sweet. Definitely drink loads of water though…which brings me to my next point:


Just sneaking this one in here because it’s so damn important. Whatever you do, drink water! I bring a bladder bag of at least 2 litres of water on ever hike. My plan B is this Water2go bottle which can be safely refilled from any freshwater source. Winter life hack for the bladder bag: to keep the water from freezing, run the tube under your armpit for body heat when it’s subzero. Stay hydrated kids!

Trek High Protein Salted Caramel Flapjack

Trek actually do many different versions/flavours of their flapjacks but these are my personal favourite. Again, keep them in a handy pocket to eat while you walk. 9g of plant-based protein and slow-release energy from gluten-free oats thee make for a great mid-hike energy boost.

Nuts & seeds

I mean, would I even be vegan if I didn’t mention nuts? My condolences to those who are allergic because salted, roasted nuts are life! Plus easy enough to buy a ready mix from the shops or make your own combination. Healthy proteins, fibre and fats to fuel your summit fever.

TENZING Natural Energy Drink

I like to have one of these on reserve for when I really start flagging. It happens, on the reg. TENZING Natural Energy is a plant-based sparkling drink with natural caffeine, energising Vitamin C and hydrating electrolytes from Himalayan Rock Salt (no weird chemical crap) and 5% of their profits are invested into environmental projects, which the virtue signaller in me loves.

Polos (or sweets in general)

Okay, this one isn’t really my personal favourite, but my kiddos. She genuinely believes that these minty sweets are the best way to power yourself up a hill, so I keep them handy and drop a few on the trail behind me for her, when her energy levels being to wane. I’ve heard many extoll the virtues of candy (gummies, mints, other hard sweets) for extra energy on their hikes though, so worth a mention. Not sure it’s the healthiest choice BUT, treating yourself is also good for morale so, by all means. Side bar, if you are totally vegan, just check you’ve got a gelatine-free product though. Personally, I’m quietly obsessed with these Colin the Caterpillar fruit gums from M&S, not gonna lie.


Could I even call myself a vegan if I didn’t mention the hummous? Bonus tip, I fill a container half full of hummous, then put in some sliced veg (usually peppers, cucumber, celery, carrots) longways/vertically for easy packing & snacking.

Kit? Check. Route? Check. 4:00am alarm set? Check! Snacks? CHECK! Happy munching y’all. <3